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  • Informatica la Castel (Computer Science at the Castle)

    This week I’m participating in Arad in a summer school called “Informatica la Castel” (Computer Science at the Castle), where the central theme is open source technology and education. I’m live blogging in Romanian on Gazeta de Informatica. »
  • InfoEducație 2015

    Off goes this year’s edition. I wrote more thoughts on Gazeta de Informatică. There were 132 participants with 117 projects in the camp. You can check out the results. We built from scratch a new website in Rails and React this year. We had 17 presentations and workshops for the students. I want ... »
  • Application process for the Community Development Lab

    The Community and Development Lab is a traditional yearly ROSEdu project where we teach students how to start contributing to open source software. This year we had 117 applicants and had to select only 19 of them. To do this, we gave them an algorithms problem to filter 60 potential candidates w... »
  • Chaos Communication Congress 31C3

    Between Christmas and New Year's Eve I was in Hamburg at the 31th edition of the Chaos Communication Congress. This is a an annual four-day conference on technology, society and utopia.I learnt about the conference at the EUHackathon in Brussels from Christopher, one of the participants. He told ... »
  • I tested 18 different chat apps to become a better product guy

    One day, I wanted to learn more about products. There's a current now in the tech/startup world that some people are natively good at making good products... and they're not engineers. So, for 14 weeks I've tested different mobile chat applications with my girlfriend, trying to find product flaws... »
  • InfoEducatie 2014

    Last week I was at the InfoEducatie Galaciuc national computer software contest. This time something was different. I was part of the organising team and part of the web committee. The anxiety of the last lines of code for half-working features changed into non-sleeping nights because of pap... »
  • Dotfiles and dev tools provisioned by Ansible

    Lots of nights and years of potential productive work have programmers have lost, by procrastinating on configuring their dotfiles. These simple invisible files may seem pointless for a novice, but in the hands of an expert they become a swiss army knife. I'm no exception and I've used the o... »
  • Google Project Tango hackathon in Timisoara

    This weekend I am participating in a hackathon at Startup Hub Timișoara where we will code on Project Tango devices. These are Android prototypes which track the surrounding and create a 3D model of the environment around.I have no experience of developing on mobile devices, let alone working wit... »