My name is Alexandru Palcuie and I am a student at the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics of the University of Bucharest and citizen of Romania.

This month we have presidential elections and last weekend has been first round of voting. Incidents[0] have happened, so I decided the in the next round on 16th of November I want to become an observer in a polling section.

However, a law in our country says that you can apply to become an observer only 5 days "before the elections have started". Under this ambiguous wording, The Central Bureau of Elections in Romania has now started to refuse all the applications for becoming an observer in the second round of voting. 

My question is, what EU institutions should I contact or what procedures should I follow to try and get back my right of being an observer in a polling section?

Thank you!

[0]: http://www.economist.com/blogs/easternapproaches/2014/11/romanias-elections


The Romanian government has updated their decision and now anyone who wants to become an observer in the second round of voting can do so.