Dear Steve,

This morning, when I woke up... I sensed it was something wrong. And as a matter of coincidence, when I went to school, I took my blue t-shirt with an iPod.

Then, when I saw the news, I was shocked. It's funny to see that another genius, Albert Einstein, was right: "Coincidence is God's way to remain anonymous".

Then, I ran from my school classes, to a hill, where I could see the panorama of my city... and started thinking: why do I miss you ?!

It's not the fact that both of us are geeks... or we love the same music... or I love your creations. It's because you have made me believe that my dreams will come true someday, and you have inspired me to work very hard each day to fulfill them.

I know from today, that you won't be only in my pocket, or on my computer screen... you will be in every hard moment of my life, remembering me to stay hungry and foolish.

With love,
Alex Palcuie,