I made time this weekend to change stuff again. Since I’ve been procrastinating a lot on writing longer form articles, I’ve added a new section to the blog called links.

These will be short, interesting quotes from stuff around the web. I figured out that if I start with simpler forms of writing, I’d make courage to restart the other more complicated ones. There is a separate RSS feed here for the 2 people that still follow me on it and don’t want to have their feed overloaded by my daily mumble jumble.

Last year I was sharing on Facebook an article a day. That turned into most of my friends unfollowing me. So, I’ll move that habbit here. I tried doing that on Twitter, but I doesn’t seem like anyone else actually sees stuff there. Except for the employees.

Other housekeeping items that I did:

  • removed Google Analytics. I don’t care if anybody reads it and most of my friends already have an ad blocker.
  • added emojis 😱. This is part of my plan of learning all the emojis.
  • moved to Firebase Hosting. This allows me to use custom gems and serves the blog from the faster Google infrastructure.
  • removed images from the front page, since trying to use proper responsive ones on Jekyll is a pain in the ass.