Full weekend for me in Bucharest. I qualified for the national networking contest organized by Cisco in Politehnica University, Leos from Romania elect their new board and will visit the new UberVU office.


Opening ceremony (pics taken from mr. Onea)
My objective was to take one of the 3 prizes, to secure a place at one of the local universities. After putting lots of hours into studying, things didn't go out as planned, and I only got the 6th place. Back to studying maths for my finals.

The contest was held without any problems and we even had a board games evening with friends from ROSEdu. Additionally, we had enough free time, so I visited lots of student friends in their dorms, trying to get some last opinions about which university (and consequently career path) should I choose.

Boiled brains getting bored before receiving the statements

Leo Conference

I managed to arrive in time for the conference. After the reports of the 18 clubs, we elected our new board and I will be for another year responsible for the technologies used in our district.

In the evening, after crashing the Lions party, we retreated to Bal a Mouk, a secluded club in the old city, where the DJ didn't let us sit on the chairs for the whole night.


Visiting a startup is always inspiring. Besides, their new office is really neat and big. More about them soon :-P.