Yesterday, I decided to flood GitHub with all my projects that were sitting in remote places on my computer. So, until now I have uploaded People Separator, 2 crawlers, 2 web projects, 5 Wordpress child themes, and a whole bunch of other things.

People Separator

With this app I went to InfoEducatie and GrepIT in 2011. It splits up people in groups, based on their social profile. I used ASP.NET MVC 3, for building it, because I thought that my C++ knowledge will help me. Now, I regret I didn't use Rails. A better description of what it does, is on Github. Also, at GrepIt, I made a commercial for it:

Volunteer management system

screenshot of Volunteer management system
My first PHP project for a local NGO, Europe Direct Valcea. Volunteers and activities are stored in a database, and for each activity the volunteer completes, he gets a number of points. At the end of the year, the top volunteers receive a prize, and all the other people can see transparently their hard work.
Working example

Two Column Questions

At Europe Direct Valcea, another I had the task to hold a workshop, where me and my team had to teach 30 kids from the 6th grade, things about Europe. So I developed a web app, where 2 or more teams compete on selecting the correct question and answer. As an example, here on the left are important persons, and on the right, Europeean countries. The kids had to correctly match the person with the country.
Check the demo Crawler

Tabulaturi is a well known Romanian website with guitar tabs for songs. But it misses a feature: a ranking with the best tabs. So I wrote a crawler in Python, that uses urllib2 and BeautifulSoup, parses each page with tabs, and then writes the needed information to songs.txt. Then, takes that file and sorts the songs by the number of persons who voted, then by the number of stars, and outputs everything to ranking.txt.
Result is here crawler

"Arhiva Campion" is a well known algorithm judge in Romania. But you have to click a lot to find a problem. So I've written a crawler in Python, and generates out.csv, with every problem in the archive. Then, you can use an Excel table to filter the problems.
Result is here

Algorithm Contest Sources

My collection of solved algorithm problems, from different judges, like InfoArena, TopCoder, CodeForces. wordpress theme wordpress theme wordpress theme

cearena wordpress theme

And other goodies like my .vimrc, a project generator based on templates for Code::Blocks, or my first plain XHTML website (don't laugh ;).
All projects have a MIT license, except the themes which a GPL license. Feel free to use my work in your projects. Also you can watch, fork, and contribute on Github.